Gerald Brommer

Gerald Brommer

Designing & Pushing the Envelope with

Watercolor, Sketching & Collage

April 28 & 29, 2017 — 9:30am – 4:30pm Fri, Sat — Fee: $285

Column-3Gerald Brommer is a nationally known artist and teacher who has authored more than 25 books.  His award-winning work has been featured in International Artist, American Artist, Artist Magazine and Watercolor Magic.

Mr. Brommer is known as the master of collage, watercolor and acrylic techniques.  He is a kind and experienced teacher who has inspired many artists.  Now in his early 90s, Mr. Brommer is thinking of retiring from teaching. Take this great opportunity to meet and learn from this wonderful teacher.

Sometimes it is good to stretch.  To do something improbable — maybe even something not very good…but stretching. Something exciting and good could happen…or even something unpredictably wonderful!!! What does if feel like? Get out of your comfort zone.  Explore & experiment.  Grow!”— Gerald Brommer

Mr. Brommer will start each day with a discussion and then a demonstration.  The rest of the day, the artist will be engaged in developing their skills using textural collage surface to advantage their work.  We will be encouraged to paint representational and abstract…in the same painting!

Workshop location: ART BOX Studio, 1302 Monte Vista, #9, Upland CA, 91786. A materials list & map will be sent upon registration.  To reserve a place…  $100 Deposit is required. Payment in Full is $285. Balance or payment in FULL must be made 45 days prior to workshop.

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