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“Some days the art flows easily, as if the angels are leading my paintbrush; other days it’s a struggle, as I apply the paint and take it out or cover it up, applying more paint.. but nothing happens. Still it’s a good day when I can be in the studio working”. Sylvia M.

Sylvia Megerdichian is known for her imaginative, semi-abstract watermedia paintings.  She has developed a special technique in which she combines and layers conventional watercolor with Caran d’Ache watercolor pencils, collage and/or ink.

Recently her work is mostly on canvas or wood.  Sylvia combines acrylic with collage, layering and making marks with Caran D’Ache crayons and pencils.

In 1993, Sylvia founded the Art Box Studio in Upland, California, where she teaches, exhibits her art, and hosts a variety of workshops.  Sylvia is certified to teach Dr. Betty Edwards’ unique method, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.

Sylvia is at Art Box Studio every Monday morning, teaching and mentoring her students.  Learn more about the Art Box Studio by viewing Sylvia’s new YouTube video: Sylvia Spreads The Word  or visit the Art Box Studio website at

Aside from teaching, she also judges local shows, demonstrates her painting technique, and has curated shows for Square I Gallery in Claremont, CA.  Sylvia has won numerous First Place and Best of Show awards from a variety of local and regional art shows, and in 2008 received Signature Membership from the National Watercolor Society.

For her artistic endeavors, she has received the City of Upland Certificate of Recognition and the City of Pomona Certificate of Appreciation.  Sylvia was invited to exhibit her art at the Ontario Invitational Art Exhibit 2010.   She is also a two year Master Artist for RIMS California Arts Project.  Adding to her many honors, on October 16, 2010, Sylvia Megerdichian received the UCF Spotlight Award for “Most Inspirational Artist (Visual Arts),” as an individual who has contributed significantly to the arts in the community of Upland, California.

Sylvia’s works have been repeatedly published in Watermedia Focus and Palette magazine.  The 2011 March-April issue of Palette magazine features Sylvia on the cover.  The book, The Artistic Touch 4, has also published her paintings, January 2010.  Watercolor Artist Magazine, December 2009 issue, has featured her work as part of the featured article, “The Ones to Watch.”  The Riverside Art Museum, Chaffey Community Museum of Art and the Inland Empire Museum of Art have acquired Sylvia’s art for their museum’s permanent collections.

Quotation from Watercolor Artist Magazine December 2009 which featured Sylvia Megerdichian in the article, “Ones to Watch” by Jessica Canterbury.

“I began painting in pure, transparent watercolor but found that my ideas were better conveyed with mixed media.  The clean, crisp look wasn’t enough for me.  Since drawing is my first love, I started making marks on my watercolors, layering with Caran D’Ache crayons and pencils, which became my language of painting. 

I have five series that I’ve been working on for some time.  I paint in one series until I have nothing else to say, and then I switch to another.  Since I always have another series waiting for me, I never have painter’s block; my old work is my inspiration.  Over the last few years I have been mostly focusing on the Faces and Rooftop series.”

Where to view Sylvia Megerdichian’s art:

Sylvia Megerdichian’s work is continually exhibited at Square I Gallery in Claremont, California, and at Art Box Studio in Upland, California.

Sylvia Megerdichian’s paintings are in private and corporate collections.

  • Oct. 6, 2013 – Artist of the Year-Solo Show – Chaffey Community Art Association Museum
  • Sept. 21, 2013 – Sylvia Megerdichian 20 years at the Art Box Solo Show
  • Jan. 26, 2013 – Chaffey Community Art Association Museum Selected Megerdichian as 2013 Artist of the Year – reception
    [Click here to see Award Letter]
  • Jan. 10, 2013 – Riverside Art Museum -Women Artist of Permanent Collection – Mid Century to Present..Sylvias artwork included
    [Click here to see Selection Letter]
  • 2012 Chaffey Community Art Association Museum – Sylvias artwork “Connections” installed in the permanent Collection
    [Click here to see Selection Letter]


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